Nathan Had An Accident Sat 07/04/18 *click here*

Sadly, one of our Luni's was in an accident, we don't know the in's and out's at the moment but he's apparently very lucky to still be with us, he's had a few surgeries but he's said he's on the mend now, he did say he thinks it was a head-on collision, but that's all we know at the moment, we're just so glad that he's still here as it looked really bad, and we hope he's back on his feet soon enough.

Bring On The Summer Thu 29/03/18 *click here*

Seriously, this weather is really annoying me, I can't wait to get back out with summer gloves on and not 50 layers of clothing! and the fact that more snow is supposed to come as well :-( I managed to get out with Dombie and Dukez a few days back as I hadn't seen the Luni's in some time, and yeserday I met up with Dombie, Dudley and Kieron and we took a windy ride to Ogmore to get some sunset photos, but really, bring on the nice weather!!!!!!!

I've Been Ill Thu 15/02/18 *click here*

There's nothing worse than being ill for 2 weeks and not being able to ride, or do anything for that matter! thankfully I feel a lot better now and yesterday I managed to get out for a small ride with a few of the Luni's which was good, sadly it rained a little and then I had to be elsewhere so it was cut short but it was good to get out and get some fresh air etc, hopefully we can get together again soon for make a day of it, the weather is still a pain in the arse but fingers crossed we have a decent day soon!

Not As Planned! Sun 14/01/18 *click here*

Well, I have to say that today didn’t go quite as planned lol first off Jack Luni had a broken chain adjuster on his way to Cardiff with his mate Ross and Kipper, and Dombie (the minion) wasn’t ready in time and then found out the battery he had on charge all night wouldn’t work, so I went out on my own to Barry as I didn’t think Jack Luni would be out and was hoping Dombie would get the battery sorted…. but then in Barry, Jack Luni messaged to say they were on the way, so I rode back to Cardiff (Tesco Culverhouse Cross) to meet them, and then we went to get another battery off somebody in Barry (thanks again for that), we took that to Dombies in Llantwit Major but when we got there he had managed to sort his one he had, so then 5 of us headed to the garage and got Fabz and his mate, so 7 of us headed to Ogmore to meet Animal, he came with his friend so there was 9 of us total but then Kipper and his mate went home, so the remaining 7 rode to Porthcawl, Fabz and his mate then left, so that left myself, Dombie, Jack Luni, Animal and his mate, we then left Porthcawl and Animal and his mate left us, and then me, Jack Luni and Dombie went to McDonalds in Bridgend, happy days, we then left there and Dombies bike decided to play up, all hell broke loose, we went into a nearby carpark and we checked over it all but couldn’t find the problem, we checked the battery, the main fuse etc etc, we were going to try the battery we got previously but remembered that Kipper had taken it home with him, so Dombie rang his dad and he came and checked over it and it happened to be a fuse we didn’t check (for the ignition), the bike was then fine, so me, Dombie and Jack Luni rode back to Llantwit Major, and funny enough the bike started to play up again, but it was a loose connection on the battery, he sorted that and we were on our way, we got Dombie pretty much home and me and Jack Luni rode back to Cardiff where we split up, I went home and Jack Luni rode back up north.... all in all it was still a fun ride, yes I was out for over 7 hours and it was freezing but you can’t beat a day with the Lunatics.

New Year Issues Sat 06/01/18 *click here*

Bike problems! I went out a few days ago, all seemed great, but then as I was riding, I felt something happen to my foot peg, I looked down and it looked ok, but then as I slowed down for a roundabout, I couldn't downshift as my foot couldn't find the gear shifter, so I had to stay in 1st gear around the roundabout, luckily we were pulling off into McDonalds just after, so when we stopped, I had a look, and noticed the rearset on the left side was loose and a bolt was missing, so when the rearset moved, it moved the gear shifter up and down, the reason why I couldn't reach the shifter when riding, we tried 3 bolts which the Luni's had taken from their bikes but they didn't fit, and then Dombie gave me one which was perfect, so I was able to continue the ride, but after test riding it and pulling back into McDonalds, Dudley told me my headlight wasn't working!!!! they worked with the high beam on, but not the low beam, so when I got home I had to order another bulb, which was good in a way as I got an Osram Night Breaker H4, which is brighter than my stock one (which was shit), the bike is also stinking, I clean it but after seconds it just gets dirty again, roll on the Summer when it stays clean for more than 1 ride!

End Of The Year Sat 30/12/17 *click here*

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas this year, and a good year overall, the best part of 2017 for me was getting to meet the Lunatics one by one, as well as getting loads of chocolate for Christmas :-) i'm hoping 2018 is just as good and we get to do a lot more things as a bike group, we can't wait until the Summer again when we can get out and ride every day, fair enough 2017 has been shit as well for some of the riders, such as Fabz getting his bike stolen, also Bamboo having his stolen, as well as Kipper being knocked off his bike, and Jack Luni coming off his bike, also a lot of bike problems between us all too, but roll on the Summer of 2018 and I hope we get to meet a lot more people and include a lot more riders in with the Luni's, and also make a lot more people happy :-) Happy New Year.

Winter Weather Tues 12/12/17 *click here*

I'm really hating this weather :-( I haven't been out too much lately due to it, it's either way too cold, or the roads are too dangerous to ride on, especially on a bike! I met up with 4 of the Lunatics the other day though which was good, as I hadn't seen them since Halloween, and Dudley is now back on a motorbike with a brand new Grom! it's just a shame I can't get out that much at the moment, as riding helps with stress etc and it's getting annoying being stuck in all the time, I really can't wait until next Summer, the fact that now when riding I feel so uncomfortable with all the layers on, where as in Summer I wear basic protection and it's just a lot more comfortable when riding and stopping off at places, where as now it's cold when standing around and extra cold when that wind hits you on the bike! so fingers crossed this Winter goes fast so I can get back out there and do some riding and get back out with the Lunatics.

Website Design Wed 15/11/17 *click here*

I thought i'd have a change of design on the website, I get bored pretty easily with website designs and decided to do this new one, if you can notice i've included the Principality Stadium photo in with the background (if viewed on desktops or in desktop view on mobiles), I also made the header logo more simple, I wanted a more striped back look, but let me know what you think :-) i've also done some little Elmo social media icons at the bottom of the page which I love, and i'm making sure all pages and photo galleries are up to date, i'm currently working on the Shop page, getting the images and PayPal buttons sorted so bare with me on that, but i'm liking it all so far.

Kippers Accident Mon 13/11/17 *click here*

One of my Lunatic riders, Kipper, was in an accident yesterday, where a car pulled out on him, he hit the bonnet and flew over it, and the car then drove off!! It happened in Tredegar on Sirhowy Hill, the car was a red 07 Honda Civic, Kipper was unable to get the registration number and the Police are apparently on the lookout, but if you do come across a car matching that description with obvious damage to it's bumper and bonnet, please get in touch or contact Gwent Police! and if you can get the registration number then it would help out a lot, we really want to get this arsehole and by the looks of it the driver wasn't legal, else why drive off? Kipper is on the mend which is all that matters, but his bike is a write-off, so fingers crossed he can sort something out and get back on the road asap.

Winter Weather Mon 23/10/17 *click here*

The bad weather is coming :-( as I ride to de-stress I don't like riding in the rain and wind etc, it adds to the stress as things are more slippery on the road, rain drops on my visor annoy me as I can't see properly, I get wet and cold, so the whole experience isn't fun for me, meaning I won't be out too much over the next few months, neither will a lot of the other riders, we're hoping there are days that are dry, where the weather isn't on and off all day, as there's nothing worse than checking the weather forecast and seeing no rain, yet you get out and it rains! we have 2 events coming up so i'm hoping the rain stays away for them, but this is the UK, and we all know British weather sucks!

Stolen Bikes Sun 24/09/17 *click here*

This is getting really stupid, first people trying to steal my bike, and then Bamboo gets his bike stolen from outside of his house, which he then found panels from it on the road, and then found out it had been burnt out.... and now Fabz has had his bike stolen while he was at college in Swansea, literally feet from his class! he's had an update that it's been seen being ridden still in the Swansea area with the number plate taken off it, and a lot of people have mentioned about going there to try and find the scum/s that are riding it as the Police don't do too much when it comes to motorbikes, but at the end of the day I can't stand thieving little f**ks, if you want a bike then get a job and pay for one yourself, get legal, even if you buy a crosser just for offroading, why go out and take someone elses pride and joy which they've worked for? fair enough you can get expensive locks and alarms and trackers and all of that now, but we shouldn't need it all, people just need to leave other peoples property alone! I hope that karma hits these thieves big time, either that or a lorry!

Updates Sun 17/09/17 *click here*

I need to remember to update this blog, completely slips my mind! but anyway, i've decided to expand the group a little, considering Casey aka Dudley has now sold his bike and is getting a car, I figured it'll be good to also include drivers and not just riders, this will also be good for us if we plan any trips as the cars can help take bags and so on, plus it'll be a shame to have to remove people from the group just because they've decided to ditch the 'bike life' lol we're also planning a few more things but will obviously update everyone with that when we're 100% on it all :-) oh, we also have a new member, Carl aka Fabz, with his Husky 701, and should soon have another CBR added to the mix too to go along with the current 4 we have! and also Bamboo has finally been able to get another bike after his was stolen, but Clifford has just sold his so we're now just waiting on him to get another bike, but other than all that... things are going good, no arguments going on, everyone is getting on (I think lol), just a shame Summer is over and the weather is getting more and more annoying, as we're unable to organise things what with the unexpected rain, i'll happily say that I am not a rain rider, I hate it, it isn't enjoyable for me at all, but i'm hoping we still get some more dry days soon :-)

Fun Weekend Sun 13/08/17 *click here*

I hadn't been out riding for a couple of weeks due to work etc but I went out on Friday and this weekend and I forgot how much fun it is, literally didn't stop laughing, we also got some decent photos infront of some graffiti walls as well, so if anyone in or around Cardiff knows of any good graffiti spots then let me know as we'd love to go there and get more photos done :-) also I haven't worn my Elmo helmet in about a month either, but I have done this weekend and again it's so much fun seeing the reaction on people's faces and everyone waving and so on, also i've sorted my clutch cable adjuster and my integrated tail light so I currently have no issues with the bike at the moment, but I do need to buy a new cap for the right side, which i'll actually go and purchase now, but other than that, wicked weekend :-)

Logo Update Sun 30/07/17 *click here*

I've decided to update my character logo, considering the bike looks a bit different now, along with a new GoPro and helmet, I thought it would make sense to update it with the new bits added, and I love it, i'll be purchasing some laminated outdoor stickers soon of the new design, I also have it changed on the website header, and have created a new video intro as well :-) i'll also be updating the design on clothing available to, I still have stickers available of the 'old' design but i'll be bringing those prices down a bit, but overall i'll be sorting out the shop page and will update everything within the next week.

Upcoming Events Sun 25/06/17 *click here*

Myself and the Lunatics will be escorting a special prom car on the 6th July, the mother contacted me asking if we could do this, as her little girl is undergoing cancer treatment and she wanted her prom car to be extra special, so we've got together and have managed to get even more bikes involved in this, we'll be heading to Blackwood from Cardiff, and then escorting the car back to Cardiff to the Principality Stadium, as the whole thing shouldn't take too long, we're also thinking of extended it and going for a ride-out afterwards, this will depend on weather, but fingers crossed, and it should be a good evening :-) we also have another ride on the 9th July for Jacob, again, a little boy going through cancer treatment and needs to raise money for it, but this will be a long days ride up to Brecon and surrounding areas, so if anyone reading this, in these areas, would like to join, please get in touch asap.

Update Tue 06/06/17 *click here*

Wow, haven't done a blog entry in quite awhile, sorry about that, it's been hectic times what with being out riding and attending events and so on, but here is an update for you all, the Laughing Lunatics is going good, we rode to Brecon and surrounding areas for Mia Rainbows Warrior Princess (charity ride), we also went on an Easter ride for Noah's Ark and Ty Hafan Children's Hospitals, we've been on a lot of random rides whether it's been around our areas or to places like Brecon again (yes my Grom made it there), and we went to another D-Unit meet on Sunday... we also have a new rider with the Lunatics who we've named "Unit" as he came from the D-Unit group. Other than that everything is going ok, well, 5 members are currently off the road due to sorting their bikes out, but we're hoping we can all be up and sorted for Summer as we have a few things planned, eg. escorting a wedding, and escording a girls prom, so fingers crossed everyone is sorted and back on the road for then... and to be honest I forget about this blog, so if you'd like to keep up to date then add me on Facebook, and follow the Lunatics Facebook page :-)

The Laughing Lunatics Tue 11/04/17 *click here*

Got my own little biker crew going now :-) we're called the Laughing Lunatics, i've created a page on my website especially for us which includes info, photos and pages to our ride-out videos too, so make sure you check it out, also check our Facebook page as well, this is where we'll add updates about meet-ups, and also upload photos and videos, and it's a place for people to add photos they've taken of us as well, our group at the moment has 13 members, this consists of myself, Elmo... Kermit, Cookie Monster, Animal, Dudley The Devil Dog, Dan The Yam Man, Big Dave, Pingu, Clifford, Count Von Count, Rogers, Con-Man and Dombie 1 Wheel, you'll usually see a few of us riding around Cardiff and surrounding areas together, and we'll be at upcoming meet-ups and events too, we also have our own clothing as well so if you'd like to support us then make sure you grab yourself a T-Shirt, Sweatshirt or Hoodie, you can customise this with your name/nickname which is included in the price, you can pick the garment colour and then the colour of the designs itself, again, you can check all this out on the website :-) but if you see us out, snap a photo and tag #thelaughinglunatics or #laughinglunatics or post them on the Facebook page, and ask us for a spam card as we have some new ones coming especially for the Lunatics :-D

MSX Hangers Sat 25/03/17 *click here*

GOT THE HANGERS FINISHED!! for people who don't know what they are, they're also called rearsets, foot mounts... they're the part of the bike that holds the gear shifter and the foot pegs and rear brake caliper, they're originally a grey colour but on my red/black bike they didn't match at all, I tried spraying them with plasti-dip and spray paint with clear coat but after a short time they were just rubbing off where your foot rubs against the mount... so I got them powder coated instead, as i've seen a few MSX owners who has this and they've said they haven't had any issues yet with wearing and one of them had them done last year, so I thought this would be the best option, waited 3 days total to get the whole bike sorted though, as I was supposed to get them back the same day, but then I was told the next morning, but didn't get them until around 5pm the next day, and then a friend of mine who was helping me with the parts accidentally messed up the spindle so he went and got that re-threaded, but now everything is good to go, we sorted the chain, did a test ride and everything seems spot on, only thing now I want to get is red chain, as I bought a gold one but it's kind of gone silvery now, and i've seen the red ones really POP from the bike so that will be the next thing, and then that's it, nothing else!!!!!

Third Ride-Out Fri 17/03/17 *click here*

The third ride-out was wicked, we did this on the 13th March, there were 9 bikes total, 4 new riders which was good, you can check the photos and videos on the Ride-Outs webpage... We started off from our usual meet-up stop at Tesco Culverhouse Cross, then headed to Barry Island, and also Castell Coch, Caerphilly Mountain and then back to Cardiff and Barry, doesn't sound much but we started at around 11am and didn't finish to about 6pm so it was an all day ride, weather was decent too, just the spot of rain on the mountain. Ride overall was funny, one of the riders snapped his throttle cable but luckily got it sorted, had a few wheelies and wheelspins added in too, thankfully the Police didn't pull us over though, but roll on the next ride out, and roll on Summer!!!!! thanks to everyone that came :-)

New Seat Finally! Sun 12/03/17 *click here*

I finally got my new seat! I got it from BikerzBits and I love it, the fact that it is more flatter than my previous dipped one, so it's more like the OEM seat, but looks better, and the fact I can now seat further back which I prefer instead of being pushed more to the front like the dipped ones. My previous seat was also from BikerzBits and I did really like it, it's comfortable, but the red on it faded which I wasn't happy about as it made the bike look crap overall, but the new seat is really nice, it cost me just over £100 total which I WASN'T happy about, as I totally forgot about Customs Charges which was around £30, on top of the seat and shipping cost which was around £68! but i'm happy with it and hopefully nothing goes wrong with it any time soon!

Microphones Mon 27/02/17 *click here*

So, i've bought another Drift microphone for £16.99, considering for awhile now i've been having issues with the audio on my GoPro, I bought another mic adapter thinking it was that but it wasn't, so I bought a different microphone to see if that was ok, it was around £14 on eBay, i'm not getting the same issues as before but the overall quality of the audio was rubbish when I tested it today, I could hardly hear the bike, it was just picking up other sounds which sounded horrible, I have another microphone which was around £6 from Amazon which I haven't tried on the GoPro 5 yet, but I really can't be bothered going back and forth trying to get this fixed, so I thought i'd just buy another Drift microphone instead, the fact that they apparently have wind noise technology etc is making me think that maybe this is why i've loved the Drift mic from the start, but again, recently i've been having issues, and someone said it sounds like a microphone problem, so MAYBE mine has damaged some how, I can't really see how and it doesn't look damaged but who knows..... so i've bought another, and if I still end up getting the same issues then I know it's that type of microphone, but also... if I end up using the cheap one and STILL get the issues, then it's 100% the GoPro itself, but i'm really hoping it isn't, and i'm hoping a new Drift mic will work, fingers crossed as I really don't want to go through the hassle with GoPro AGAIN over a camera!!!

My Gear Tue 21/02/17 *click here*

I thought i'd make a blog entry instead of having a whole webpage of my gear, as it isn't going to update much so it seems a little pointless, but anyway, I have an Icon Variant Splintered, which you can get for £288 on THIS website, I also have the CyberKiller Clown helmet which has been discontinued but I purchased it from the USA, and this is the helmet I use for my Elmo head. I wear the RSTUrban II boots which you can get for £89.99 on THIS website, I have a few pairs of gloves but known ones I have are the MechanixOriginal, which you can get for £16.14 on THIS website, and the O'NealMatrix gloves which you can get from THIS website, I wear the IconTeam Marc jacket, you can get this for £149 on THIS website, I also have the Troy Lee DesignsOuija pants and jersey, both have been discontinued but there still might be stores that have some left. Technology wise, I use the GoProHero5 Black action camera which you can get for £349.99 on THIS website, along with the GoPro mic adapter which is £44.99 on THIS website, I also use a RAVPower 13400mAh external battery which is currently unavailable on Amazon but they do a range of other batteries, and for the action camera I use the Drift Microphone which is £16.99 on THIS website.

Elmo Collection Sat 18/02/17 *click here*

For awhile now i've wanted to collect small Elmo items, whether it's Pops, beanies, badges, cards, anything small with Elmo on, i've put together an Amazon Wishlist so you can see the sort of things I mean, along with the sizes, CLICK HERE, I thought this would be a good thing to start considering i've become a lot more known in Cardiff and surrounding areas regarding my whole Elmo look, and I was hoping to start some sort of 'fan collection' where people can help towards the collection if they like and appreciate what I do, I don't want big expensive Elmo things, most of the items are below £10, but again, it doesn't have to be expensive, if you're out and see something that is £1 with Elmo on, then that's great, just anything small that I can put towards my Elmo collection, and the fact it will be from you guys would be a lot to me, if you've read the articles about me then you'll see that I do what I do to help with issues I have, and to see items that you've got for me, would mean a lot...... so, if you have anything Elmo and would like to give it or send it to me, contact me on here, or my Fcaebook, or Instagram, or Twitter, and let me know :-D

Second Ride-Out Tue 14/02/17 *click here*

I organised another ride-out yesterday, was a good turn out for my second ever one, we had 10-11 people total which was amazing due to the lack of time to get everything together, the ride overall was fun, we headed to Barry Island from Culverhouse Cross to meet one more person, then to Cardiff Bay, Penarth Pier, back to Barry to the Knap but there was total jerk there so we decided on Porthkerry Park instead as there was also less wind, and then we all headed back, a couple left us at Cardiff Bay and Barry due to having to get back to family duties but overall it was a fun ride, obviously the cold and wind is an issue this time of year but roll on the Summer as I have a LOT planned, longer rides, set off in the mornings and ride the coasts until the evenings, Summer evenings are the best, also arrange some charity rides too :-) plus we have the Gromie ride-outs as well, so again, if anyone is reading this and have or know of anyone with a Honda MSX (aka Grom) and lives in South Wales then let me know!!!!!!!!! i'll make a webpage for our ride-outs too and add galleries and videos on there :-)

First Ride-Out & GoPro Issues! Thu 09/02/17 *click here*

I met up with my new biker friend yesterday for the third time, David, he has a Fazer 600, we then rode to Barry to meet 2 other riders, first time meeting them but have talked to them on Facebook for awhile, Martin and Chris, Martin has the new model MSX and Chris has a 125 as well but can't remember what it was exactly, but we had a whole day out riding, it was my first little ride-out as I usually ride alone but it was fun :-D roll on for the next one with more of the Gromies. Oh yeah, SOUTH WALES GROMIES, little 'club' i've put together for people in South Wales with Honda MSX bikes (aka Groms), we're looking on doing more ride-outs and they're also looking at getting helmet covers as well so there will be a bunch of muppets riding around on tiny bikes :-) we have stickers made and spam cards to give out.... so if you're reading this and you're from the south and you have a MSX, get involved!!!!!
Now for the GoPro, i'm really starting to regret going with GoPro, so I paid £50 for the mic adapter, apparently the only adapter that will work with the Hero5 Black camera, but lately it's been non stop issues, i've been out for rides and got back and checked footage and even though the adapter has been plugged in, I still get crackling and wind noise, this isn't all of the time but I don't know what is causing, my whole ride-out yesterday, I was out for about 5 hours, got home to check the footage and there is NO SOUND at all apart from the first 20 minutes, so over 4 hours of nothing, even though the mic adapter was plugged in, and the mic was plugged in, but what is weird is that I use a power bank, which also plugs into the mic adapter, and that was working fine yesterday, but the mic won't, but the mic does actually work, it's a Drift one and i've never had issues with it, and looking at the footage, the audio seems to mess up when I touch the adapter on the helmet, so i'm completely stuck on what it could be, I bought it from Amazon so I might return it for a replacement, if I still get the issue then i'll try a different microphone, and if the issue is still there then it's the camera, but overall... i've never had issues with Drift.

Bike Service & Warped Disc Thu 02/02/17 *click here*

Thunder Road took my bike on Tuesday for the 7500 service, they said it'll be collected Tuesday, service done Wednesday, and brought back to my on Thursday, now Thursday morning, an hour before i'm supposed to get it back, I get an email from them saying the front brake disc is severely warped and they have put a replacement in to Honda to get the disc replaced but are waiting for them to accept it, then they'll have to wait for the disc to be delivered to them, then they put it on and bring the bike back, so now i've been without the bike since Tuesday, and now have to wait until Saturday to get it back (well, i'm hoping Saturday!), rather annoying as if I had a Honda Dealers nearer to me then I could easily ride it in and wait around for the service to be done and then be told of any issues and then simply ride it back once they have the replacement part, but 5 days without the bike is hell, as I use it to de-stress as well, when I get annoyed I usually get on the bike and ride, but now I can't, let's just hope the weather gets really bad the next couple of days!

Wales Online Sun 29/01/17 *click here*

I've had Wales Online and I Loves The Diff both contact me to do an article about me, and today I came across the article on the Wales Online Facebook page, and I must say it's cheered me up a lot, so many positive comments, there are the odd couple calling me a jerk and an attention seeker, or asking if i'm a nonce lol but other than that it's all good, i'm glad I make so many people smile and laugh, and a few have uploaded more photos of me as well which is good as I like to add them to the website and social media pages, but again, overall, positive comments which I like to see :-)

Edit: I was also on the front page of the South Wales Echo newspaper, and had a near full page on page 3 lol. 

Other Bikers Sat 28/01/17 *click here*

I have a lot of people added on my Elmo Rider Facebook page, quite a bit from Cardiff too, and one of them was David, he hunted me down awhile ago but couldn't ride at the time, he then caught up to me 2 days ago and asked if he could tag along with one of my rides, so I thought what the heck, so he followed me around Whitchurch, and then instead I asked if he could show me some places as i've lived in Cardiff all of my life but don't know my way around too much, so I then followed him through Cardiff Town more, and to Roath and so on which was a good ride, we then sat outside the Hilton Hotel for awhile and had a chat about the bikes etc, we then met up today at Tesco Carpark as the weather was pretty decent so we decided to meet up again and take a ride to Barry, so I took him to the Island, the Knap, Porthkerry Park, and then we headed back, and again he took me to some more places in Cardiff including Llanishen, it rained a little but not too bad but the sun was a pain in the arse, well.. a pain in my head as it started to give me a headache, especially with the wet floors and the light reflecting off them, but again, another decent ride! somebody then asked on Facebook whether we were still in Barry as they went looking for us but sadly we left quite some time before then, so the next time we feel like going for a ride I have to remember to ask this new dude Chris too, but I seriously can't wait for the warmer weather to get here!!!!

New Lights Fri 27/01/17 *click here*

I've finally sorted out an integrated tail light and flush indicators (on the front) for the bike, I decided to do this because I kept catching the indicators on the cover when pulling it off and putting it on, and it was getting really annoying and has damaged previous indicators before, so, I got an integrated tail light, which has a smoked cover on it, and it looks really nice in my opinion, it has a strip of red LEDs around the edges and then 6 in the middle, but i've been told they are illegal and indicators have to be 8-9 inches apart so i'm going to get another set of flush indicators as well for the back, but again, they won't be sticking out so that's fine, regarding the front indicators, again, got the flush mounted ones, i'm not 100% on them yet as I haven't ridden the bike yet with them so i'm not sure how bright they are in the day, and what angles you can or can't see them at etc, also my previous indicators were bright white LEDs as well which helped at night, but i'm obviously now without them, so I think the next thing to get is a bright LED headlight, as the stock headlight is really poor in the dark, but overal, loving the integrated tail light, a lot better than the stock one, and the flush indicators.... well, we'll wait and see.

GoPro Mounting Sun 15/01/17 *click here*

So, i've finally sorted out the mounting on both helmets I have, the Elmo one and the Icon Variant, the Elmo mounting was simple as it was just replacing the Hero4 with the Hero5, but i've had to cut an extra hole into the Elmo cover as the new GoPro Mic Adapter is massive and the cable is quite thick and not as bendy as the Hero4 adapter, so i've had to mount that a little differently to the previous setup, but as for the mic and power bank cables, they're still the same. For the Icon Variant, again, i've mounted it under the peak where the Hero4 was, and i've dual locked the mic adapter behind (also under the peak), the good thing with this setup is that the cable for the mic is inside the helmet but runs up and fits through one of the vents on the helmet, this then comes out of the vent and straight into the mic adapter which is then obviously plugged into the GoPro, so there are no more cables coming out of the top of the visor like I had previously which stopped the visor closing properly! the only thing is that I haven't set up the power bank cable with this helmet yet, but i'm thinking for the time being to just use the GoPro battery, and then during Summer when I have longer rides, i'll simply use black tape and just tape the cable to the outside of the helmet, with both the tape and cable being black it wouldn't even be that noticable, and there is no point doing a more permanant fix for the adapter and power bank cable as both of those and the GoPro have to be taken off and put onto the Elmo helmet when needed, as i'm not paying another £50 for another adapter, that price is disgusting for what it is! but other than that... both helmets are sorted, and i've also purchased a bluetooth receiver for the Variant as well, as I have speakers inside which usually hook up to my mobile phone to play music, but most of the time i'd forget about the speaker wire going to my phone which is mounted on my handlebar, and when stepping off the bike i'd just be yanked back by the cable, so the receiver I got basically makes any headphones/earphones 'wireless', so i've taped up all wiring for both the mic and speakers inside the helmet out of the way, and whne going out I just turn on my bluetooth and listen to music without any wiring being ni the way :-) nice and clean look.

New 'Windshield' Mon 05/12/16 *click here*

I got the new 'windshield' today for the bike, it was only a cheap one from China but the one I previously had from msxaccessories was an awful fit, it's scuffed up the back of my speedometer, plus it's made the headlight surround bulge out from the actual light, so I paid about £19 for a new one from China, it's all black with vents/mesh, it looked decent on some photos I seen on Instagram so I thought i'd bite the bullet and get one, it took longer to get to me as 10 days in to waiting I had an email saying the item was returned due to being damaged in transit, so they had to send out another, but I fianlly got it today, they molded polystyrene around the whole thing and used a roll of sellotape but I finally got it out of the packaging and at first i didn't think it would fit as it was a lot wider than where it was actually being mounted, but it seems to fit fine once the bolts are in, plus I had to use black Plasti-Dip on the back where it's visible when riding as it was just the plastic colour unpainted by them and looks horrible, so I sprayed that and now it all looks good :-)

Total Pisstake! Wed 30/11/16 *click here*

Got the seat today, disappointed isn't the word! I was told by another YouTuber that those seats aren't made properly and leave a gap at the back, I thought i'd try it anyway as he got his from msxaccessories and I was getting mine from another seller, and the fact he might of just had a faulty one, so, I got it today, spent ages swapping over the rubber bits underneath, went out to try it and it wouldn't fit on at all, so I took off 4 of the rubber bits and it finally latched down, BUT... it leaves a gap at the back, to the point where you can see underneath the seat, and the staples etc on the seat, it looks awful, so I contacted the seller and they've arranged to have it picked up tomorrow and will refund me the £70, but now i'm stuck on what to get and from where, my one now was from BikerzBits so I might purchase from them again, they have an all black seat which doesn't have much of a dip in it, which I like, it's £30 odd but shipping is £31! in a way it isn't too bad considering I spent £70 on this 'faulty' one, but the problem is the delivery time, it says 1 month, as it's from Thailand :-( i'm impatient and I can't remember how long my other seat (and mudguard) took that I purchased last December, so i've emailed BikerzBits to ask whether it is actually 1 month or if there's any chance I could get it sooner, so let's wait and see what they say.

New Seat Tue 29/11/16 *click here*

So, I just paid £70 for a new seat for the bike, the one on there now is from BikersBitz, I got it about 10-11 months ago, but the red on the back has faded and has turned into a light reddish pink colour, which isn't on! the bike isn't kept out in the sun, and that part of the seat isn't sat on, so i'm not sure why it's gone like this in just a year, so i've bought an all black one, with red stitching, so fingers crossed it turns up and it's good quality and comfortable and lasts longer than a year!

Facebook!! Mon 28/11/16 *click here*

Facebook are pissing me off, all I want to do is create a Facebook Profile, not a Page, not a Group, a Facebook Profile, under CRDF Rider or Elmo Rider, I can create it, but days after Facebook disable it, I HATE the layouts of the Pages and Groups, i'd rather create a profile, add some other biker people and so on, view their pages, comment and like their content, upload my Elmo and MSX photos etc, but no, and you can only like/comment and even view a persons page if they're on your 'friend list' otherwise you just cant!! I know loads of people that have 'personal profiles' for business or rider names etc, yet they are happy as Facebook has allowed them to keep their profile, but me, nope!

Social Media Thu 24/11/16 *click here*

It's so funny coming across statuses or photos of me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! it's mostly 'omg I just saw Elmo riding a motorbike' lol annoying that people call my bike a Moped or Scooter though, and i've even seen 'Chicken Chaser', it's a MOTORBIKE :-) I seen a status with someone saying that it's weird what I do, but at the end of the day, I do it to make people laugh, fair enough some people might think it's a little creepy when I go passed the schools, but I do that because it's really funny when children literally SCREAM 'Elmo' and get so excited over it, and there's nothing better than a childs laugh, so that's the only reason I go passed the schools...... but most of the statuses i've seen have been really funny, and thanks to the people that have said that what i'm doing is good and that there should be more people out there like me and so on, as I am only doing this (riding around as Elmo) to cheer people up, whether people have had a crap day in work and have seen me and laughed, or if someone is going through something bad in their life and they see me and at least smile, or with the kids, if they're having a tough time with school or 'home issues' then they can see me and laugh, and it's a good feeling that I can make these random people who i've never met before smile and laugh and beep their horns at me and take photos of me, so again, that is the only reason why I do it.... I also ride around Cardiff mostly, and sometimes Barry, so you will see me a lot around Ely, Caerau, Whitchurch, in Town, Canton, St Fagans, Fairwater, and again, I ride to Barry if the weather is ok...... so if you see me, be sure to post a status, make it public so I can find it, or if you take a photo of me, but either way, try and tag me, or send me the photo so I can upload it on my website and social media, thanks again to the supportive people :-) (use hashtags such as #crdfrider #elmorider #elmocardiff #elmomotorbike and similar).

New Spam Cards Thu 10/11/16 *click here*

I decided to get some new Spam Cards printed up, my original ones were done before I started the website, before I had Facebook, and before Twitter, so it basically just had my YouTube and Instagram on there, so i've had some more done, this time with the new design, the website link and Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, and they're looking nice!!! only problem is, people that take photos of me as Elmo, all take photos quite far away, so I can't give them cards, thinking I should just ride down a busy street in Town and just throw cards everywhere.

MSX Recall Tue 01/11/16 *click here*

I had a letter today from Honda, Important Recall Notification, something to do with the Fuel Pump Inlet Cover Swelling, it says about the engine being difficult to start, or the engine stalling and impossible to restart etc, i've never had any issues with the bike regarding that though, it's always started first time, but my 'local' Dealers are going to have it in to replace the part anyway just incase, hopefully they don't have it in for too long, says in the letter that it shouldn't take long to complete but obviously depends when they can collect it, and fit it into their schedule and when they can drop it back to me, so fingers crossed it doesn't take too long!

Stickers! Sun 30/10/16 *click here*

The new stickers are finally done and up on the Shop page, there are 4 to choose from, the original 2, and the new 2 with the new design, i'm looking in to getting the cartoon ones done again but with a black background instead of the white, for people who are putting them on darker objects as this will look better, but i'll update people on Instagram and so on once I have them sorted, but for now, go over to the Shop page and get some stickers :-D clothing will be up this week too.

New Design Tue 25/10/16 *click here*

As you might of noticed, I have a new design :-) i've added this into the website logo, also as my cover designs and profile pictures on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, the main drawing was done by Stefano Scaroni, he did the drawing after I told him exactly what I wanted, and it looked awful, he then coloured it which was looking good, but then he used a vectorising software which then just ruined the overall colour etc, anyway, he sent the files over after I paid for them and I spend quite a few ours redoing the colouring, redoing some bits on it, and basically making it look a lot better and cleaner, also adding a background and text to it as well, I already have a sweatshirt coming with the design on, and I have 2 lots of stickers coming too, 1 lot with the background/text, and another lot with just me and the bike, but i'll upload photos once I have them and will add them to the store along with clothing people can purchase too, oh.... and i've also created a new intro for future videos which you can watch on the homepage which includes the new design :-)

Funny People and Bike Update Fri 21/10/16 *click here*

So i've just been shown something on Facebook, someone had shared the first ever photo someone took of me and uploaded, they shared this on the 8th October, and today, someone has commented on it saying "Hes wore those red clothes and helmet everyday for the last month", well, I haven't even been on the bike for a whole week as the clutch cable knackered up last Friday and I only got that sorted today, also I wear a costume jumpsuit over my bike gear, so it isn't the same clothes lol I also go out wearing my bike gear and Variant helmet too, but yes, odd times I put the Elmo helmet and onesie on OVER my normal clothes, and before the onesie came, I did actually wash clothes, you know, with a washing machine, as my Elmo rides are 1-3 hours long, so the clothes aren't exactly dirty as again I wore them over normal clothes, so a quick 30 minute wash in the evening and then in the dryer, sorted for the next day...... but as I said, the past 2 weeks now it's been a jumpsuit, over bike gear/clothes, so i'm not sure where this persons got the whole hes wore those red clothes every day for the last month as I haven't been out as Elmo every day, and haven't been out at all for the past week, so maybe people need to get facts right before posting on Facebook and looking like an idiot :-) on a happier note, the bike is sorted, nearly, the front fender which was cracked due to the accident has been replaced, the levers have been replaced, i've put a new clutch cable in, now i'm just waiting on the new footpegs and it should all be sorted!

More Clutch Cables Wed 19/10/16 *click here*

I got the new Clutch Cable from WeMoto yesterday, but noticed the end thread bit was snapped, so I can't use it, I contacted them but they said they don't have anymore in stock and neither do their suppliers, so, I went on a mad hunt and found a 'UK' website which had them, so I got one from there and asked for it to be dispatched asap, to which they replied saying they come from Thailand, they said it'll be around 4-10 working days, so fair enough, I also asked my local dealers, Thunder Road, but they said they can't get any now until December! so i've left it with the Thailand one and thought i'll just have to wait another 1-2 weeks, but then I asked the seller on eBay who I bought my front fender from if they had any for the MSX and they said they do! they said to purchase the CBR125 one on eBay but state in a note than I want the MSX one, so, i've done that, and will hopefully get it sooner than the Thailand one considering they're actually in the UK, i've had no reply from them yet to confirm but hopefully they dispatch it asap as this is the only thing stopping me riding right now and i'm going crazy! but I now have 2 Clutch Cables on the way, so the other i'll use as a spare.

Motovlogger Stickers Mon 16/10/16 *click here*

I've been collecting some motovloggers stickers recently for my tool cabinet, you can see them on the Shop page in the gallery of the ones so far, but if you have any of your own and can send them in to me, let me know asap and I can give you the address and so on, plus if you'd like any of mine back in return, again, let me know along with your address and I can get them out to you :-) I upload a photo and tag the people on Instagram every time I get new ones, I also upload the photo on Facebook, and add it to the gallery on this website as well.

Clutch Cable Sat 15/10/16 *click here*

So, lately i've been having some issues with the shifter and gears, i've been finding it hard to get into 1st gear when coming to a stop, whether this is while slowing down, or being at a complete stop and going down the gears from 2nd, or being in neutral to 1st..... once in 1st, after putting force into the shifter, it is then too solid for it to kick up into neutral or 2nd, while stopped, so if i'm at traffic lights, I have to sit and hold the clutch lever in, and I mean it when I say the shifter was solid to kick up, it wouldn't budge, even after rolling the bike and revving it etc, but anyway, yesterday I decided to put my stock levers back on the bike, for now, incase the aftermarket one was damaged at all from my last accident, but when I took it off, I noticed that the clutch cable has snapped, it is only now hanging on by 2-3 of the metal strands, so i'm guessing this is the reason for the issues i've been having lately, as even though i'm pulling the clutch in, due to it only being attached by a few strands, it isn't actually pulling the clutch cable fully, so i've gone and bought a new one from WeMoto, as my dealers said they aren't under warranty, but they're pretty cheap anyway, so now I have to wait a few days to get that, and then get pissed off when it comes to trying to fit the thing, one problem after another with this bike!

GoPro Hero4 Black Thu 13/10/16 *click here*

The GoPro Hero4 Black has been delivered today, I was looking at getting the Hero5 but looking at the price etc it didn't seem worth it, due to SD Card sizes I wont be shooting in large 4K etc, i'll most likely be keeping to the 1080p at 60fps, but yeah... it's come today, i've mounted it onto the chin of the Elmo helmet, and have also managed to mount it on the underside of the peak on the Icon Variant helmet which also works wicked as it doesn't get in the way of my sight at all, i've also got the external microphones for both due to wind noise and have stuck the mic and cables under the Elmo cover (outside of the helmet itself) which again works wicked, and on the Variant i've got it running under the top of the visor and into the helmet with the mic coming out of the cheek pad, all in all, seems like a great camera, and it mounts perfectly on both helmets, so roll on future videos!

Elmo CostumeTue 11/10/16 *click here*

As some of you reading this might know, I go around 'dressed' as Elmo to make people laugh, but the so called 'Elmo' helmet cover I had didn't really look anything like him, so, I spent around £50 on an actual Elmo costume which got delivered today, my idea was to try and gut out the head of it and make it fit my helmet, I got it and looked over it and at first I didn't think it would work, but I managed to cut some bits and spent awhile figuring things out and with some help i've finally got a new helmet cover which looks pretty much 100% better than what I previously had! and the fact it comes with the same material onesie too which I can now wear over my bike gear, where as previously I was just wearing red jogging bottoms and hoodie, which wasn't that warm, but now I have it all sorted, the cover is all stitched up and velcro'd with elastic added, i've put some of the stuffing back in too to keep more of the shape of his head on the sides, and also got a GoPro coming which i'll be mounting to the chin of the helmet, but overall, it's looking amazing and I love it :-D

Akrapovic Pipe Tue 04/10/16 *click here*

I got the Akrapovic pipe delivered today, i've fitted it on, which was a hassle trying to get the spacer out, and then an even more hassle trying to get the pipe into the silencer end, due to the clamp being on there previously it has made the opening smaller so the Akra pipe wouldn't fit in, but i've managed to sort that and it's all fitted, to be honest, I can't notice too much which is a disappointment, and I did prefer the black of the stock pipe to the titanium of the Akra, and the fact it goes blue/purple after awhile which won't match my bike at all, but I think the stock pipes are restricted? but anyway, full Akrapovic system on the bike now, I do have water coming out of the bottom set of rivets though, i'm not sure why this is, i've had water issues on every one of the exhausts i've had, i'm not sure whether to untigten the clamp a bit... if anyone has any suggestions, contact me and let me know.

Accident Thu 22/09/16 *click here*

I got reversed in to today! I was riding down a street with traffic etc, there was a car in front of me coming up to the stopped traffic, but she started indicating left, to me it seemed like she wanted to go into the side street coming up, but she stopped, which to me looked like she did because of a car crossing in front of her to also go down that side street and because of the traffic infront, so I was happily riding along and was slowing down behind her, when all of a sudden she started reversing, my front wheel went under her bumper and my bike started to slant, so I got off it and placed it down as gently as I could to save too much damage, afterwards some guy told her to go forward off my bike, but she went and drove around the corner and I thought she drove off, but then she came walking around with her details already written out, which proves she was liable, and the fact she didn't ask for any of my Insurance details etc, just my name and number.... anyway, she told me that it was a disability car for her diabled son, and after looking at the footage, there was a disabled car parking space on the left side of us, but it was really long, so i'm not sure why she didn't indicate further down, and drive into the space going forward, but instead missed the whole thing and tried to reverse in to it, not checking her mirrors, the mind boggles, I rang her Insurance company as soon as I got in, and also rang mine, so hopefully I can get money from hers and get the parts that were damaged fix, which is the front fender, lever, foot peg, windshield and bar end.

Akrapovic Silencer Fri 16/09/16 *click here*

I bought the bike with the carbon Tyga full system on it, it was too brappy for me, so I got a Black Widow full system, sounded gorgeous, but after awhile it's been sounding a little weird, so I got an exchange from them but they sent a different one with a carbon cap etc, but had nothing but issues with it and it sounded horrible, so i've sent that back for a refund and i've gone all out and got the Akrapovic silencer which came today and I must say it looks amazing and the weight is crazy, they didn't have the pipe in stock so i'll have to wait a couple of weeks for that but i've bought a stock Honda pipe for now, both are on and it sounds decent already with the baffle out, i'm just hoping there is a difference with the Akrapovic pipe when I get it, espeically as the pipes £200!

Motorcycle Amino App Wed 31/08/16 *click here*

This is a must have app for you bikers, I heard about this from C2W's video and also noticed in on a few other peoples too, so I downloaded it to check it out and it's basically like Facebook for example but all about bikers, you can create your own chat, you have your own profile, you can write on your own wall, you can follow people and have people follow you, again, it's a really good app, if you're having issues with your bike then i'm pretty sure a lot of people on there could help you, or you can join a chat with other people in your city or with people who have the same bike as you etc, it's really easy to sign up, and to add your profile photo and so on, again, great app, and you can follow me on there, search CRDF Rider :-)

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