A Cardiff biker rides around dressed up as a character from Sesame Street in a bid to make people smile!

I started by buying a helmet cover on eBay, which was listed as Elmo but looked nothing like him, but it was red to go with my bike so I thought what the hell, it got delivered on the Saturday, and then on the Sunday it was a bit dull weather wise so I thought i'd put it on and ride around and see what reactions I got, and it was amazing, people pointing and smiling, laughing, taking photos of me, and actually shouting Elmo, I then started seeing people posting statuses on social media about seeing me, and it all started from there.

I started to record peoples reactions while I was out and decided to make a YouTube series called Day With Elmo.

I realised then that it was helping a lot with my personal issues I have, so I bought an actual Elmo costume from Amazon for £50, I gutted out the head and re-stitched it, adding in velcro and elastic so that it would fit on to my helmet perfectly and be easy to get on and off, I also kept some of the inside stuffing and have taped that to the helmet to give the head a bit more width like the actual Elmo character, I also purchased a new onesie as the one that came with the costume was horrible, and I also bought red LED trainers to make it extra fun!

To keep the reaction videos coming, I also had to swap action cameras, selling my Drift Ghost-S and purchasing a GoPro Hero4 (which i've now upgraded to the Hero5).

Since then i've managed to end up in the South Wales Echo newspaper, as well as the MCN website and Wales Online, plus others, there are thousands of comments online about me, mostly saying how what i'm doing has brung a smile to their faces as well as their childrens, there are a couple of negative comments but to be honest there always will be, as long as i'm going out and making most people happy then i'm happy, i've also developed a little fan club around my area, and someone also created a Facebook page about me for people to post comments of when they seen me and where, which I found amusing.

I've also had people contact me and tell me that they have an Elmo plush toy (or something to do with Elmo) for me and would like to give it to me, so i've also now developed a little Elmo collection of plush toys, keyrings and drawings which I appreciate a lot.

As I was doing all of this on my own, and riding on my own, I then decided to get to know some other riders from the area and create a biker group called The Laughing Lunatics, a few of them now also dress up and have as much fun as I do, we get together for random rides as well as big Charity rides.




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@moniquesotomix: If you live in Cardiff/Barry ways you are guaranteed to see that nutter Elmo on his motor bike at some point.
@sarahnicholas: Drove home behind Cardiff Elmo, Tidy.
@mcnnews: Elmo spends his spare time riding a HondaUKBikes MSX125 around Cardiff. Taller than he looks on the tele.
@wmjohn: Elmo has a website. I've not seen him #cardiff You?
@chloe_saunders8: Did I actually just see a man dressed as Elmo driving a motorbike through whichurch village.
@augustaquarius: Just saw an Elmo riding a motorbike around Cardiff.
@1997xjxb: Fuck those clown sightings, just seen someone riding a dirt bike in Ely with an Elmo costume on.
@statto1927: Saw Elmo riding a motorbike today down the Barry Docks link road. Seriously. Haven't laughed so much in ages.
@macrae85: What is it with #Wales and fruitloops? #OwenSmith #CharlotteChurch and 'Elmo' in Cardiff?
@dj_hilly: We found Elmo on a frigging motorbike - you sir are a gad damn legend #daymade
@sophiamarierees: I swear cardiff is the only place you'll see elmo riding a motorbike through the streets.
@jeffrey__parker: Respect to the guy who drives round Cardiff on a motorbike dressed as Elmo from Sesame Street. Never fails to put a smile on my face.
@xandf: A brilliant anecdote to all the madness in the world. Cap doffed sir!
@colinsurfnut: Just seen #elmo down the knap just anther day in Barry.
@daffy_citric: Elmo motorcycling through Cardiff City centre yesterday afternoon.
@mellyonion: I saw the actual, real life Elmo riding a teeny motorbike down Cowbridge Road earlier.
@naomihoang: Today I saw an Elmo riding a motorcycle. That is all #Silly
@sdj_green: Just seen Elmo going for a little boxing day ride on his bike.
@samshawty: I saw the mystery moped muppet on Cowbridge Rd East! Who is it?
@beckiejordan: Elmo bike guy roaming the streets of Canton!
@verysmallfeet: Well I just saw Elmo on motorbike but all good since I actually have a picture of this event.
@ilovesthediff: Had a nice online chat with Elmo. Reason behind the lark? "To make people laugh" of course.
@garethidavies: Spotted this Elmo a number of times biking around Canton this year! Any reason why? Makes me laugh every time I see him/her!
@shotgunrulesdif: Elmo is at it again around Cardiff!! Lot of effort gone into this and even has a helmet camera.
@hereisminty: Just when you thought the world couldn't get any worse. Elmo has decided to join the Hells Angels.
@amylouise_fox: Today I seen someone ride a motorbike wearing an Elmo costume.
@thenephilom337: Just found out the Elmo guy has his own Twitter page - still perfectly normal.
@carl_snelling_: Someone just went past on a motorbike dressed as fucking Elmo.
@sisterloli: Elmo rides a motorcycle around South Wales. yes really.
@jonrcandy: Canton is the new Hollywood.
@morleybonez: I just saw the Elmo & Froggie motorbike guys!
@garkless: Why did I just see Elmo riding a motorbike through canton.
@drewsegal: Just Kermit and Elmo having a motorcycle ride. As you do!
@louarncliffe: Finally got to take a photo of Elmo - my family don't believe me when I say I keep seeing Elmo!
@hkdave1: Elmo and Friends . Great to see some familiar characters today!
@psychomxchia: I literally just saw Elmo riding a motorbike.
@ilovesthediff: Aw, it's so sweet that @crdfrider has new friends Kermit and the CM. Just saw them cruising past Cardiff Castle.
@latyshaa97: Always see someone dressed as Elmo driving a motorbike?
@james_ta_davies: Just driven past Elmo riding a scooter bike in Canton.
@statto1927: @crdfrider Spotted at Watchtower Bay, Barry after following us down Broad St to the Island (blue Golf - my wife waved to you!)

@samstimpson: Just seen a guy dressed as Elmo riding a motorbike. They even had a customised fury Elmo head motorbike helmet. Day = made.
@bobbyfade: Saw this tonight...still don't know what to think.
@thenephilim337: Very casually witnessed Elmo with an Elmo backpack riding a red scooter. Perfectly normal.
@mycardiffnorth: Have you seen crdfrider?
@rachelwalsh93: Been back in Barry two seconds and I've just seen a guy dressed up as Elmo riding a motorbike. Is this place for real?
@mennahedd: Just seen Elmo drive past on a motorbike.
@rassecurity1: Who's seen Elmo?! We seen him at Ely Bridge a few weeks back!
@walesonline: We had a chat with Elmo - but we can't tell you who he is!
@ilovesthediff: Have you seen Elmo on a motorbike in Canton??

@welshlifemag: Elmo rides again! #CityLifeCardiff #WelshLifeMag
@citylifecardiff: Elmo rides again! #CityLifeCardiff
@independant_cym: This biker dresses up as #Elmo and rides around #Cardiff...
@jayne1078: This biker dresses up as #Elmo and rides around Cardiff.
@burnsy44rm: This biker dresses up as #Elmo and rides around Cardiff.
@welshbizevents: This biker dresses up as Elmo and rides around Cardiff waving at people.
@welshbiz: This biker dresses up as Elmo and rides around Cardiff waving at people.
@cardiffbiztweet: This biker dresses up as Elmo and rides around Cardiff waving at people.
@dogs_r_out: This biker dresses up as Elmo and rides around Cardiff waving at people.
@rcardiffnews: This biker dresses up as Elmo and rides around Cardiff waving at people.
@saffronj: This biker dresses up as Elmo and rides around Cardiff waving at people.
@dailyglamorgan: This biker dresses up as Elmo and rides around Cardiff waving at people #Cymru
@cardifftweet: This biker dresses up as Elmo and rides around Cardiff waving at people - WalesOnline
@wales_news_: This biker dresses up as Elmo and rides around Cardiff waving at people #Wales
@cardiffjournal: This biker dresses up as Elmo and rides around Cardiff waving at people: Have you spotted him around Cardiff?

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Ben Creighton Griffiths: Just saw Elmo riding a motorbike down Cowbridge Road - how I wish I hadn't been driving and could've taken a picture.
Catherine Meehan: I just drove past Elmo riding around on a motorbike!
Natasha Alicia Ullah Tobin: Thought i just seen the elmorider going past the pub but it was a domino's delivery man on a motorbike.
Jay Dee Davies: Big up to the guy wearing a Elmo suite and helmet, cutting shapes through the traffic on a bike in Cardiff, definition of the Friday feeling.
John James Potts: Seen it all now just seen Elmo riding amotorbike actual Elmo wtf.
Andrew J Cauchi: I wanna know who this nutter is loool dressed as Elmo riding a motorbike around like a bellend, sum weird fukers about.
Sue Eldridge: Drove passed Elmo on his motor bike on the way home again.
Louise Tobin: Just seen Elmo riding down Park Crescent on a motor bike.
Kelly James: I just seen Elmo off Sesame Street bombing up port road on his chicken chaser, i'm weak.
Debi Emmett: So far today I've seen a head to toe tickle me Elmo on a motor bike, complete with elmo backpack.
Rose Piana: I'm worried about Andy he just got in from popping to Tescos and said he saw a teddy bear a frog and tickle me elmo riding motorbikes hmmm. Think he had to much sun.

Welsh Life:
This biker dresses up as Elmo and rides around Cardiff waving at people.
City Life Cardiff: Elmo rides again!


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