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We're called The Laughing Lunatics mainly because we're all mad, but the fact that when we're together we have the biggest laugh, even on our group chat on Facebook we can't stop laughing, and obviously we love to make others happy too so most of the bikers wear helmet covers to make this happen, and if you meet us all together then you'll completely understand why that name suits us so well.

We get together and do ride-outs, whether it's small local rides with just us Lunatics, or we sometimes have others tag along with us, or we do big charity rides where people join from all over Wales (and England at some points too).

Most of the people in our group also suffer with their own demons, whether it's forms of depression, anxiety, cancer, bipolar, plus other things, but we've become a close little group and we're always laughing which is the main thing and it makes us happy that we make others happy too :-)

Make sure you check out our main Facebook page, and if you happen to spot us out riding make sure to snap a photo and send it to us, or if uploaded online then tag #thelaughinglunatics #laughinglunatics.


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Ty Hafan & Noahs Ark Easter Run - 23/04/17
Mia Chambers Charity Ride - 14/05/17
D-Unit Suicide Awareness Meet - 04/06/17
Barry Festival Of Transport - 11/06/17
The Big Fat Sausage Fest - 16/06/17
Emilia Harding's Prom Escort - 06/07/17

Jacobs Neuroblastoma Ride - 16/07/17
Air Ambulance / The Blood Bikes Fundraiser - 06/08/17
Pearl Blacks Memorial Ride - 03/09/17
Hoggin' The Bridge - 08/10/17
Barry Island Firework Night - 04/11/17

Christmas Charity Ride - 17/12/17



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